Sourcing products from China can seem a daunting task. Our team offers a ‘factory to your door’ service with no hidden costs. Our pricing model means that we do not charge for any of our sourcing time and our profits are generated by units sold to you.

Typically, a sourcing project begins with a detailed brief, which will be used to vet and select potential manufacturers, or we will look at assembling the product in our own assembly plant. Our team in China brings on-the-ground support and expertise to this selection process, ranging from exploratory discussions and factory inspections to pre-shipment quality control & random testing on the finished product.

Product sample development, testing and improvement require close collaboration between our customers, our teams both in the UK and in China, and the manufacturer. We work hard to ensure that communication is clear and specific throughout this process, which takes us through to final production approval, manufacturing and export.

Our experience in sourcing and manufacturing ensures that every detail is covered. Be it the request for factories to have ethical compliance certificates through to compliance testing for international standards, our team will ensure that your goods are fit and legal to enter the markets in which they will be used, and will offer all the necessary advice to our clients.