Krystal Inkz has expanded its product portfolio which in turn has led to the relocation of our ink and toner factory to China. This has allowed us to remain competitive with our prices for all products as they are all sourced from the same place.  We have partnered with many factories across China & even created our own assembly plant, producing a huge range of different products and have brought them together on this online platform.

Our aim was to eliminate the need for our clients to source these products from many different Chinese suppliers and simply deal with one company.  All items are shipped direct from our warehouse in China.

From conducting extensive market research we found that many resellers have the following problems when trying to source products themselves:

  • Finding the right supplier who they can trust to provide them with a good quality product at a good price
  • Having to deal with many different suppliers for different products and trusting each and everyone of these suppliers
  • Communication and language barriers
  • Trusting that after they have paid for products that they will actually get what they ordered
  • Increased shipping costs especially when having to order products from more than one supplier
  • Competing with the Chinese supplier on market places such as eBay and Amazon
  • Not being able to hit their minimum order quantities
  • Different time zones
  • Not being able to create own branded products with low order quantities
  • Not being able to deal directly with the factories
  • Problems when you get faulty products and the cost of shipping them back to China

Dealing with us has many advantages some of which include:

  • Being able to purchase a huge range of good quality products from one place at a competitive prices
  • We understand your business and marketplaces you sell in, therefore we can ensure safety and quality standards are met
  • Purchasing products from a company with sales offices in the UK, Malaysia and Europe which removes the language, communication and time barrier
  • We deal directly with the factories and assemble our own products ensuring that products are manufactured to your standards
  • Over 95% of our products have no minimum orders
  • We can offer own branding on low volume
  • Returns on faulty products are offered in your own country
  • Save on shipping costs as we can ship all the products you order at the same time in one shipment either by air or sea directly from our warehouse in China
  • Short lead times – from placing your order to manufacturing and shipping
  • Not having to worry about currency exchange fluctuations